Sunday, 9 October 2011

Coming Attractions | The Superpowers That Be

This week on The Speculative Scotsman... superheroes!

I don't know quite how it happened - I didn't plan it, except for a single addition when I saw how things had come together - but there you go: superheroes.

Bookending the week, then, just as they bookended the summer in cinemas, expect reviews of Thor and Green Lantern, two tentpole comic book movies that I tend to think the critics initially misjudged.

Between times, you can also look forward to one last Coming Back to Comic Books on the baffling Batman: RIP by the madman Grant Morrison; one last Coming Back to Comic Books for reasons I'll go into at a later date. Good reasons.

Last but not least, a beast of a piece on The Book of Transformations by friend of the blog Mark Charan Newton, who attempts, in his latest, to get to the heart of the question begged by every idiot who imagines it's acceptable to prance around in a kevlar cape the better to punch dudes in the face and elsewhere.

Honestly... superheroes. Who'd have 'em?

Well, I would. And I will! So, Avengers assemble? :)

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