Friday, 26 August 2011

Excerpt Emporium | Empire State by Adam Christopher

It's a rare pleasure to see a fellow blogger hit the sort of home run Adam Christopher has, so let me take this opportunity to wish the gent my heartiest congratulations on Empire State, coming December 27th from your friends and mine at Angry Robot Books.

Saying that, he's one of them now, so no more Mr. Nice Guy! :P

Anyway, if you ask me, it's one thing to be published... another entirely to publish something worthwhile. But you know what? I think Adam's gone and gosh-darn done it. An excerpt from Empire State went live on last Tuesday, and I read it over the weekend there with with mounting excitement in place of the idle curiosity I'll admit I'd approached it with.

What can I say? I'm a total bloody cynic.

But as my miserly mindset can attest, Empire State seems to be the genuine article. Within a few minutes I'd forgotten all about Adam Christopher the blogger - even Adam Christopher the author - because I'd gotten caught up in the noirish shenanigans at hand.

And then the excerpt ended!

To think Christmas will have come and gone before I get a proper look at the fantasy otherworld of Empire State rather bothers me. But if you'd like to be bothered too - and honest to God, folks, I'd really recommend the experience - head on over to yourselves and see, finally, what hijinx Adam Christopher infamously abandoned his chronological Stephen King read-through to focus on. The beast.

(To think that this the sound of me being gracious...)

In all seriousness, Adam: nicely done.

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  1. That is a stunning cover! I'd most certainly pick it up off a shelf in a bookstore to have a better look at that. Wow. Love the art deco look.