Saturday, 20 August 2011

The Scotsman Abroad | Hubbed

You'd think between the blog and my work for Strange Horizons and The Zone and Starburst Magazine I'd have more than enough on my plate.

Well, it's true: I do. But it's long been said my eyes are bigger than my belly - though I admit my belly is not so small as once it was - so when the opportunity to contribute to Hub Magazine came up, goddamnit it all, I made space!

Hub, in case you haven't heard of it, has been up and running since the year of our lord 2006, and though it began a print publication, its head honchos soon figured out where the party was at - here on the internet, of course - and they've been releasing the magazine in PDF and EPUB format on a weekly-ish basis ever since. At last count, something like 10000 readers were subscribed to the mailshot; and the last count was way back when. The numbers can only have grown since.

I'd really recommend you do. My first review for Hub Magazine - of The Cypress House by Michael Koryta - actually went up a while ago, and I've been woefully remiss not to point you in its direction sooner.

In short: anyone looking for a good creepy book to take on holiday or to the beach one lovely sunny day, ye need look no further. The Cypress House makes for superb Summer reading. And technically speaking Summer's not over yet!

But what better impetus to get you all good and linked up to Hub than the publication of my second submission? That is to say, my review of The Thing on the Shore, by Tom Fletcher, whose first novel The Leaping you might recall I really rather adored when I read it right around this time last year.

Unfortunately, I fear Fletcher's sophomore effort takes the rambling about Mario Kart a lap of Rainbow Road too far. Read more in the hundred forty-first issue of the mag... if you dare. :)

Anyway. That's two for the price of one! Now, pop on over to Hub, if you please, and here's hoping you enjoy reading these reviews - not to mention the stellar original fiction and other criticism you'll find in each and every issue of the zine - as much as I enjoyed writing them.

Hell, you take even half as much pleasure as I did putting together these spooky reviews and we'll call it square, alright?

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