Tuesday, 13 April 2010

The Voyager is Nearly Legal

You'll probably be seeing quite a bit of this here advert - I know I'm not the only blogger to have volunteered to host it - but hell, it's a lovely one, isn't it? Not to mention a great illustration of the sort of fantastic science fiction and fantasy Voyager have made their name on these last fifteen years.

Who'll join me in well-wishing the company who has given us in recent memory the likes of The Painted Man and A Song of Ice and Fire and published an illustrious list of genre greats including Clive Barker and Raymond E. Feist. One can only imagine what wonders they might have in store for us over the next fifteen years.

In terms of just the next fifteen weeks, the likes of The Desert Spear and Spellwright await... both great reads. It's no small victory for the imprint to say that their logo alone on the spine of a book has come to be known as a mark of quality.

Happy birthday, Voyager!


  1. Mmm ... luvverly books. Sorry, I'm drooling all over your blog. But seriously, though I have a few of those, I wouldn't mind getting my hands on almost all of the rest.

  2. Yeah, I've already seen the trailer on a few blogs & I watched it at least 5 times 'cause it's fantastic & I want to get my hands on all those great books :)