Thursday, 8 September 2011

Trailer Trash | Not The Full Full Sequence

Oh my lord it's only the Australian teaser for The Human Centipede 2!

Or is it?

Yes. Yes it is. But truth be told, it isn't much of a trailer. Not even the faint of heart need fear the following:

"Banned in Britain. Cut in the USA. Unleashed in Australia" indeed...

You know, I wouldn't usually waste a post on such rubbish - consider this a freebie! - but I wanted, given the week's discussion, to go on record to say I actually thought The Human Centipede was, for a modern horror film... kind of an incredible piece of work. Surprising and ghastly and relentless yet coherent in a fashion few movies these days dare to be, and supremely effective excepting the awful actors/segments. If more so - as ever - in the beginning than come the inevitable end; because the thought is always more awful, isn't it?

I do not however expect this nonsense to be anything approaching its equal. Not judging from this trailer trash, that is -- which I'm sure it's perfectly unfair of me to do. But fapping to what I can only imagine is repellent body horror? Honestly, this is how you picture your target market?

Well the hell with you, Full Sequence.

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