Wednesday 7 March 2012

Giving the Game Away | Everyone's A Winner!

Actually no... that's not strictly true. But three very lucky people are!

If you can, cast your mind back to last week. You might recall that I went on about Paul Kearney a lot. I reviewed all three volumes of The Macht Saga, pledged allegiance to the aforementioned author, and - in a rare moment of happy madness - I hosted a giveaway of three sets of the complete trilogy, the better to get this stunning series into as many hands as I was able.

The response was overwhelming, actually. For various reasons I haven't hosted a whole lot of giveaways here on TSS in the past, but within 24 hours of announcing this particular contest, over 100 people had given it a go. Entries have been arriving steadily ever since, more than doubling the pool of wannabe winners, all told... so I guess The Macht Saga is on more radars than I'd imagined. Good! It absolutely should be.

Before I give up the gory details on our winners, however, a reminder of the simple question you all had to answer:

Which of the United Kingdoms
does Paul Kearney come from?

The answer was of course:

Northern Ireland

Alas, there can only be three winners of these three books, and much as I'd like to buy every last person who entered the competition a copy of The Ten Thousand to get 'em going, three is still one better than two and two better than one, and one is the loneliest number, as I'm sure we all know -- but anyway! Our winners are:
  • Sascha Walter, of Germany
  • Ryan Thomas, of Colorado
  • and finally Henry Ward, a Northern Ireland man himself!
So that's nice. :)

Well... nice for those three. Not so much for all the others who entered and answered the question correctly but lost out in the end, but for those three at least, pretty damn sweet!

Sascha and Ryan and Henry can expect to receive an email from me to confirm their details as soon as possible, and their winnings forthwith. I'm afraid everyone else will have to get their hands on The Macht Saga the old-fashioned way - you really ought to give it a shot - but seriously, thanks for all your entries anyway. Quite the show of support. And that's exactly what this series needs.


  1. I was hoping my name would appear up there among the winners but alas, it was not meant to be! Congratulations to all the winners and may they enjoy the trilogy! I also thought it was a nice twist of luck that a Northern Irish person is among the winners! :) As for myself, I think I will soon end up buying the first book.

  2. YES! Thanks, so much. Much appreciated. I can't hardly wait. You RULE!!

  3. Yes thanks for the giveaway. I have been thinking of getting The Ten Thousand for years but then I heard it was the beginning of a trilogy. So I waited for the last book to be released. And now to get this trilogy in this way is even greater!

    Thanks for hosting this giveaway! I am looking forward to the books.

  4. Thanks for the great giveaway. This along with the news on the next Guy Gavriel Kay novel is really a fantastic way to start the day.

    I, like a Sascha, had been planning to get these books when the trilogy was completed so it is nice to get them all at once. I am already a convert to Kearney due to the superlative Monarchies of the Gods.

    Now what a dilemna! What to read next after I have finished with a report I am writing for a deadline in two weeks? I need to finish the Tiger's Wife, which due to said report has got delayed even though I was enjoying it greatly, and then either Abraham (Long Price Quartet, my first sampling of Abraham, which understandably I have high hopes for) or Kearney.

    Thanks for putting me in such a great postion Niall

  5. Henry, I can only recommend the Long Price Quartet. I was sceptical at first but the books somehow captivated me. They are different from my usual Fantasy reading. Also the faintly Asian setting was very unusual and refreshing. The magic was different and interesting. I am not saying that you should forgo Kearney for Abraham. I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the Long Price Quartet. :)

    And now I am looking forward to the Kearney books.

  6. First things first, Henry: finish The Tiger's Wife! It's an incredible book. As are the others you mention, as a matter of fact - The Long Price Quartet sold me on anything and everything Daniel Abraham ever decides to write, up to and including his paranormal romance novels, which aren't half bad - but don't whatever you do, don't forsake the Tea Obreht. Moved me in a way no novel has since Life of Pi.

    Anyway, everyone: good news! Your books are officially on the way, so yay. :)

    Do stop by when you've read them to let us know how you all got on!

  7. So, wanted to stop by -- and far be it for me to complain -- but I did receive my copy today, actually, and it's awesome. Problem is, and not really a problem, I mean, I did receive Kings of Morning, for free and that's a totally awesome thing, but -- and maybe I was wrong -- but I was under the impression that the winners would receive the full set of Macht? The Ten Thousdand, Corvus, and The Kings of Morning. Well, when the mail arrived today it had Kings of Morning. No sign of the other two, though. So I guess, maybe I'm wondering if they're getting sent out separately? That would be awesome too. Three different days of receiving books, free, no less. Nothing better. But I did just want to see if I could get some clarification if it's just the one? The other two will be arrivign forthwith, or if there was a mistake? Or if the mistake was purely mine. At any rate, not sure if I need to run out and buy the first two so as to be able to read the third, of time, my enemy, is what is needed? At any rate, thanks so much, Niall. I do very much appreciate it!!

  8. Ryan, the same here. I got Kings of Morning last week, and that was it. Looks like there was an error in communication somewhere. It is always nice to get free book(s). But I would also like to know if the other books are still coming or not.

    If not I would buy the books on the next months so I could read them. Otherwise I will wait. Maybe we should also send an email to Niall.

  9. An email might have been the thing to do, dudes! But in any event, I'm very sorry to hear your books haven't come through as expected.

    I didn't actually have hands on any of them - a friendly fellow at Solaris was meant to send them out direct to you all, and yes, to answer your questions: you were all supposed to be getting copies of the trilogy from The Ten Thousand on through Kings of Morning rather than just the last book. Really don't know what's happened here - I'm sure it's just a crossed wire, and easily uncrossed - but I'm sorry I haven't been able to be more hands on with this. Poor timing on my part, this trip to America. :)

    But now that I have a minute I'll email my guy, see what's going on, and get back to you both when I hear.

  10. I received the first two books last Friday. So thanks again for this giveaway!! Now I can tackle the trilogy.

  11. Great news - happy to hear this thing's been resolved, and apologies again for the time it's taken.

    Now then: enjoy!