Monday 31 December 2012

We Interrupt This Broadcast | Happy New Year 2013

Hello again, everyone.

I'm back! If only briefly...

At the crack of dawn tomorrow, the other half and I will be making the drive up to the Isle of Skye, because we find ourselves in need of some time off from our time off. Also it's awesome. :)

To wit, tonight's celebrations will be scaled back a bit from those of previous years, but I can't think of a better place to take in the first day of the New Year than here, really:

Our bags are apt to be madly packed before we first foot a few folks after the bells ring in 2013, but of course I've already sorted the important things out.

Which is to say... the books I'm bringing:

I'm so keen to read each of these three that I couldn't tell you which I'll pick to begin with... and understand that I usually have my next five novels figured out months in advance!

Also coming with us, a handful of movie Blu-rays - the catch-up, it's safe to say, is well underway - and one particularly telling Christmas gift:

Finally, right? :P

Well, wish us luck with our first campaign. I can hardly wait to play!

Meanwhile, you all have an awesome New Year, you hear?


  1. Happy New Year Sir! It's about time you read Among Others! I hope you enjoy it.