Monday 11 March 2013

We Interrupt This Broadcast | For a Short Sojourn in Skye

I appear to be going on holiday again!

Like last time, I'm just taking just a little trip up to the isle of Skye, which is within a day's drive from where I stay, but still far enough away that it feels like another world. The fact that the internet is almost impossible to access on the island plays into that in a fairly major way.

Now I won't be gone for long, but I expect to be incredibly busy when I get back, so expect normal service to resume ten days or thereabouts from today. To entertain you all in my absence, I'm going to schedule several of the capsule reviews I've written for the Short Fiction Spotlight to date. I do hope you enjoy them.

In addition, I'll be keeping all my usual commitments. Look out for a new Spotlight to go live on on Tuesday, and on Wednesday, the British Genre Fiction Focus will be published as per usual. My editors over there are also sitting on two reviews—of two truly beautiful books, namely The Crane Wife by Patrick Ness and Life After Life by Kate Atkinson—that they might well unleash within the next week. 

Relatedly, here are a few of the books I'll be packing tomorrow morning:

One of these things is not like the other! Indeed, one of these things I'm bringing because you all told me to... though Stefan's recent post on Civilian Reader has rather dampened my enthusiasm regarding Assassin's Apprentice.

In any case, these days (it gives me great pleasure to say) short stories a regular part of my reading diet, so I'll be taking a few anthologies too:

Fine fodder, one might imagine, for subsequent Spotlights...

Wish me happy holidays, all! :)


  1. Don't listen to Justin on this. I don't know about you but his review seems to say:
    "I don't know really why but I didn't like it and couldn't finish it"
    The paragraph he quotes for melodrama isn't quite very melodramatic without the context and with the context of who Fitz is, where he is coming from. Calling it melodrama is nonsensical.
    To each his own I guess, but his review shouldn't put you off this great series.

  2. 20th Century Ghosts is an excellent collection.