Tuesday 21 May 2013

You Tell Me | To Infinity... and Beyond!

So hey.

Today's the day! The day we hear what the next Xbox will be all about — or at least what it'll be called. I'm excited. How about you?

In case you weren't aware, in a few short hours — only four more from the time of this post — Microsoft are going to hold a press event where "A New Generation Will Be Revealed," or so the email I got this morning insists.

We already know about the PS4, and though I could honestly care less until there's a new Zelda to worry my bank balance further, I'll admit the Wii U exists, thus this is the last of the last crop of consoles in line for a generational refresh.

I have very high hopes for the Xbox Next, or the Xbox 365, or the Xbox Infinity, or whatever they end up calling the thing, because this generation, I played most of my go-to video games on the 360. I've enjoyed achievements a great deal in recent years, and the seamlessness of the online experience is still second to none. A steady stream of Halos haven't hurt the Xbox's cause either.

But there's still so much to play for. Sony look to have ratcheted back their arrogance, leaving Microsoft to inherit their hubris. If they get too big for their boots — and we'll get an indication of whether or not that's actually the case later today — I'll be buying a PS4 before the next Xbox.

Fingers firmly crossed Microsoft have taken to heart some of the criticism that's come their way since we heard tell of all this online only nonsense. And as a renter rather than a buyer, if I'm unable to play used games on the next-gen Xbox without paying for an additional user license or some such rubbish, I'm done.

For the moment, though, we just don't know.

That said, we will in a bit... so now's the time to speculate. :)

What do you want from the next Xbox? Please do tell.

For my part, this Illumiroom technology really appeals to me:

Make that a pack-in and I'll be happy.


  1. Hey, Niall ;) You're missing out on the Wii-U , I have one and don't regret it. Ok, there are not a lot of releases on it yet but some are really good, Monster Hunter, Lego, the coming Rayman. And the Nintendo Big guns have still to come. For me the xbox has the least attraction. Most of the titles (except halo for example) I can play on my playstation (3 or soon 4) ..

    1. You know, I'll probably give in to temptation when there's a new Zelda or Metroid for me to sink my teeth into, but the only real attraction I had towards the Wii U was Rayman... and that's gone multi-platform. While I'm waiting, I've got a 3DS XL, which has so far more than satisfied my occasional need to Nintendo. But to each their own, of course!

  2. Yeah, I also have a 3DS btw. After the Xbox One Reveal, I don't think I will be buying an xbox.... Microsoft seems intend on giving customers what they don't want .... I'm hoping sony doesn't screw it up now ;) Grts mate!