Monday, 3 June 2013

We Interrupt This Broadcast | Back to Belgium

I would say it's been ages since I had a holiday, but strangely, that's not the case. The thing of it is, when I went to Skye last, I took my work with me. I spent four of the five days I was there pecking away at a few reviews I was due. A bad move, however necessary it felt; it left me wondering whether I'd had any time off at all.

So what I thought I'd do was go somewhere that would preclude the possibility of me doing much in the way of work — excepting a little light reading.

And the answer? Belgium again. Because of the beer. And the resulting drunkenness. :)

The other half and I plan to stay in Antwerp this time, as opposed to Brussels, which was a bit too much of a tourist trap for my liking. Then again, the beer — I mean the biere — made everything better, and I expect it will again.

Long story short, I'll be back before you know it — sadly a week was all we had to work with — and things will be normal enough on the blog in my absence. I already have two reviews in the queue, and there's something special in the works as well. If it doesn't go live while I'm in Antwerp, expect to see said soon.

Anyway, here are a few of the books I've packed in my bag:

The Adjacent is for review, it's true, but Americanah and The Player of Games are for pleasure; if I write about either of them, it'll be because I choose to — an ever more important distinction in my eyes.

Anyway, cheers, m'dears!


  1. Another vacation? Already? Come on...
    Just kidding there. Enjoy your holiday, Niall! :)

  2. Hey Niall, have fun! If you were to visit Ghent let me know ;) We could go have a beer ;)