Monday 1 July 2013

Status Update | Reading After Reader

Well, today's the day. Google Reader is officially no more.

And you know what? I don't miss it one whit!

Many thanks to everyone who commented on last week's You Tell Me, or took to Twitter to advise me on my options. On Tuesday I started testing two of the recommended feed readers: Feedly and Bloglovin, with Netvibes and The Old Reader on standby if neither one worked out.

The trouble is, both did.

I'll say that Bloglovin seems like a great way to get your blog out there. To social network it a bit. But I'm a grumpy old man, and I begrudge social networking at best — hence my sporadic record on Twitter and Google Plus.

I suppose I gravitated more immediately towards Feedly, which I really appreciate the look and feel of — especially the tablet app... though I dare say it still has a way to go, and no widget support for the moment.

What sealed the deal for me, at the end of the day, was that I couldn't find an easy way to save or favourite single posts for later through Bloglovin, and that's an integral part of how I keep up to speed with the folks I follow.

So Feedly it is, I think. At least for the time being. If the widgets don't do what I want them to on the appointed day, perhaps I'll go back to Bloglovin, or take the temperature of the other options you all took the time to inform me of.

In conclusion, choice is awesome. Thanks again for reminding me of that, readers.


  1. I've been pretty happy with Feedly since I switched to it from Bloglovin. I just got too annoyed with Bloglovin's inability to actually deliver the feeds properly. Feedly hasn't done that yet, so in my head, at least, it's the clear winner.

    1. Actually, I ran into that same problem this morning via Feedly. All of a sudden there were six posts from Caitlin Kiernan's LJ, so I went and checked: they were published days apart. I wonder if it's not something to do with the feeds we're subscribed to rather than the readers we're using to access them...

  2. I would have gone with Feedly, if they had a way to create an account without having to share your Google login info. I may be too paranoid, but I hate giving that password to any site except Google itself. I've been using for most of my reading. Bloglovin is nice but still a little rough around the edges.

    1. I did dither for a bit about giving Feedly my details after your earlier comment, Stefan, but ultimately I figured if they were going to fuck me, I wouldn't be the only one. Not a solution of any sort... but weirdly reassuring. :)