Monday, 3 May 2010

If You Go Down to the Woods Today...

As per usual, I'm as busy as all get-out, both with blog-related stuff and things relating to Real Life, and - wouldn't you know it - the weather forecast for hereabouts tells me to expect rain, rain and more rain over the next couple of days. So I asked myself... what better way to spend a few days than hiding out from all the reponsibilities I've taken on in a tent, in the rain, somewhere in the Scottish countryside? I'm off camping!
By the time you all read this, I'll be pitching the shiny new two-room tent my other half and I invested in yesterday near some pretty highland lakeside copse of trees, maybe getting my first open-air swim on if we're lucky with weather, or else reading the rest of the wonderful Wolfsangel and perhaps a few short stories from the new Neil Gaiman-edited collection coming from Headline in June. It promises to be a fine time, come rain or shine.

Most likely rain...

So. All's going to be quiet on The Speculative Scotsman for the next few days, is what I'm saying, but never fear: presuming we don't get drowned in what I should say is characteristically miserable weather for Scotland in spring, or attacked and subjected to an Eden Lake-esque experience by that rarest of creatures - the highland ned - normal service should resume on Wednesday, with the usual assortment of news, opinion and reviews of Spellwright by the lovely Blake Charlton and Helen Oyeyemi's mind-boggling White is for Witching. None of which is to mention one very special guest-post I have on the cards.
That's right. For the first time, though likely not the last, I'm going to be handing the blogging reins over to another writer. I'll introduce you properly when I get back, but readers, it's just about time to meet... The Speculative Scotswoman!
I know. Tres exciting. For all that and more, keep your browsers and RSS readers of choice tuned to TSS.
Wish us a happy holiday!

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  1. Have a great time in the wet damp woods. :) I haven't been camping in a few years. I always loved it. This summer we have a lot of things going on so I am hoping to get back to nature next year.

    Have a great time!