Thursday, 6 May 2010

Introducing... the Speculative Scotswoman!

It's a lot of work to single-handedly keep a blog afloat. No doubt about it. But despite a few very generous offers, not to mention the certain appeal of taking a load off for a day or two, I've resisted the idea of guest posts on The Speculative Scotsman thus far. "Thus far" being the operative phrase in that last sentence...

As of today - hold your breath - all that changes. You needn't worry: I'm not going anywhere, nor should you expect a torrent of posts from an assortment of bloggers alien on these here shores, but I have a special place in my heart for the writer you're going to meet later today; if anyone's capable of changing my mind about something, it's she.

So. Without further ado... readers, I'd like you all to meet the Speculative Scotswoman - the other, and vastly better half (not to mention prettier than I by far). I've alluded to her with alarming regularity on the blog these past few months, and wouldn't you know it: she reads too! In fact, she's a tendency to snatch away my books before I realise what the wee fiend's up to, and so for her first trick, the Speculative Scotswoman is going to be sharing her thoughts on one such: Of Bees and Mist by Erick Setiawan.

Do give her a warm welcome, guys and girls. Roll out the red carpet and wish her a pleasant stay. She means a lot to me; it's an absolute joy, for one thing - I won't sicken you with the saccharine sweetness of the other things - to share my life with someone so ready to partake in my fondness for speculative fiction. If you're nice, come to that, I have a feeling you'll be hearing more from her in the future.

A few parting words from the Speculative Scotswoman herself, before I go. She says to tell you all to "be gentle with me. I'm only little." And it's true. If she's even five feet tall, I'm a monkey's uncle!

And I am not a monkey's uncle.


  1. Welcome, Speculative Scotswoman!
    And I have no doubt the better half is prettier. Probably smarter, too. They usually are!

  2. To be fair, you are managing over 30 posts a month. Do you really feel that you need more content? Not that I am not delighted to see a new contributor of course.

  3. Welcome Speculative Scotswoman! It is great that you share in blogging together. :) Looking forward to hearing from you.