Friday, 21 May 2010

In Lieu of a Review

You know, I was going to review a thing for you all today. A thing, do you hear? It could have been a book, a video game, it could have even been the sequel to a low-budget Spanish horror movie! Nay, it was a sequel to a low-budget Spanish horror movie. [rec] 2 don't you know.

But no. I'm going to sulk instead. Because all the other bloggers got to play last night. And I didn't. Can you imagine?


All kidding aside, I am beginning to feel a bit isolated all the way up here in Scotland. All these star-studded events oriented around the blogosphere - and I'm already hearing rumbling of more to come - and of course they're all happening in London. Pretty much the opposite end of the UK from me. That said, if they were in Glasgow or Edinburgh, I suppose I'd be about the only surefire attendee. But damn, I wanted to meet Mark Charan Newton and China Mieville and Adam Neville too, not to mention all the lovely blogging chums I've spoken to since lauching this wee blog in January.

One day, eh? One day I'll drink you all under the table, be sure of that...

In the interim, I'll just have to make do with the pictures and first-hand accounts of those lucky enough to have spent Thursday evening chatting with the stars of speculative fiction. Amanda from Floor to Ceiling Books recounts her adventures here, while Cara of the Speculative Book Review tells of her evening here and Chloe Healy, the lovely publicist of the Tor UK brigade, has a flickr set up for your perusal. Looks and sounds like a hell of a time was had by all.

To Gav, Adele and whosomever else was lucky enough to attend but too hungover to post their thoughts before the afternoon, do stop by and point us in the right direction when you have. :)

Now. Back to my self-imposed sulk. Next time, internet! Next time!

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  1. It's okay. I live in the third-largest publishing market in the US (Nashville, or rather, a suburb of Nashville) and while there are plenty of lit fiction signings, I can only recall three spec fic writers ever signing here: Scott Bakker, Susanna Clarke, and some guy named George R.R. Martin. Maybe you can chat up Hal Duncan and get him to do a booze and sign deal? ;)