Saturday, 27 March 2010

Shadow Prowler Giveaway

As per my review earlier today, I didn't love Shadow Prowler, but I did enjoy it - particularly its idiosyncratic narration and endearingly difficult hero. At the very least, the first volume of Alexey Pehov's fantasy trilogy certainly whetted my appetite for the next novel in The Chronicles of Siala, and I'm pleased to announce that thanks to the lovely folks at Simon and Schuster, I have three copies of Shadow Prowler to give away, that some of you might have a chance to judge this very fine, if somewhat problematically paced debut for yourselves.

As with the Sam Sykes giveaway a wee while back, all you have to do to stand a chance of winning one of these rare beauties is send an email to thespeculativescotsman [at] googlemail [dot] com (replacing the words in square brackets with the corresponding symbols) with the answer to the following question:

What item does Shadow Harold steal from the duke of Avendoom's mansion?

As before, you'll be able to find the answer easily in the text of The Speculative Scotsman's review of Shadow Prowler.

So, to re-iterate in three easy steps.

1. Read the review of Shadow Prowler here
2. Figure out what Shadow Harold steals from Avendoom's duke
3. Send an email with your answer to thespeculativescotsman [at] googlemail [dot] com with "Shadow Prowler Giveaway" in the subject header

You can enter any time between now and Wednesday; I'll be announcing the lucky winners on April 1st - no fooling! Winners will be drawn at random, as per usual, and thanks to the generosity of Simon and Schuster, I'm going to be able to accept entries from anywhere in the world, so don't by shy of entering if you're in the United States or elsewhere - although if you're lucky enough to win, let it be said your book might take a bit longer to get to you than it would if you lived somewhere sensible.

Please do include your name and postal address in the body text of your entry email. Also, no gaming the system. Only one entry per person, or I'll be forced to void all your entries.

That's all the small print.

Now again, I say: go!

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  1. I read several reviews about Shadow Prowler including your review and now I'm sure I don't need to read it.

    There are still so many books where I know I will love them instead of only enjoy them.

    Therefore there is no reason for me to take part in the giveaway.