Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Incrementally More Indie

Just wanted to promote a comment I made addressing the many responses to the question I put to you all in Riddle Me This, Readers: Links and the Like a few days ago.

"Since posting this article, I've signed on the dotted line to join forces with the affiliate schemes offered by IndieBound and The Book Depository. IndieBound haven't yet got back to me to confirm my application, but the news as regards The Book Depository - certainly the overwhelming recommendation from those of you concerned enough to stop by and offer your opinions - is better. Starting today, each review will also feature links to The Book Depository. And just as soon as IndieBound get in touch, I'll wrap in links to that resource as well.

"I'll still be linking to Amazon UK and Amazon US as per usual - for all that their behaviour has offended many, they're still the choice of the vast majority - but all told, it's been something of a win for the little guys. Here's hoping the support of TSS helps even out the market some. I've got some crinkly shirts in my cupboard, but it ever anything need ironing out..."

Honestly, I don't quite know how I'd managed to overlook The Book Depository in all the time I've been ordering books online.

Anyway, though it means I'll have to spend another few minutes linking that store in addition to the Amazons and IndieBound (just as soon as they get back to me), I'm pleased, I think, to welcome a few alternative buying choices into the fold. If it's as important to you as it was to Kathleen not to be supporting the corporate monolith with your pounds and dollars, The Book Depository should - for the foreseeable - see to your needs perfectly. Besides which, more choice is always a fine thing.


  1. Nice one. I'll be checking out The Book Depository for my future purchases - I always did feel a little sleazy after an Amazon splurge, but shame on me, never bothered to find an alternative.

  2. Book depository are great - free shipping across the world on any order. Have always wondered why more people don't use them.

    Play.com well worth looking at too. And for UK orders waterstones.com have great expertise and now offer free shipping.