Thursday 22 July 2010

The Way of Kilobytes: Book One of the OS Archive

Gosh and golly, it's a whole new day and I see I haven't a post scheduled to go up. Clearly, this cannot be. So. What have I been up to?

Well, mostly, backing up. I have about 4TB of data on an assortment of HDDs that against all good reason I fear I will somehow manage to lose in the move from XP Pro to Windows 7. It's happened before; it could happen again! I'm properly nervous about moving to a new operating system after so goddamn long, but frankly the computer's running so slow as is it's that or a re-install, and XP is old enough now that I think it's finally time to take the plunge. A clean start and all that.

Then again, even with a whole new OS to boot, "a clean start" with 4TB of old data is much like moving into a new house with every last item of clothing and furniture and entertainment you own... messy.

So. I've been reading, while I oversee the emigration of a deca-million kilobytes. Mostly, I've been reading The Way of Kings. I'm more than halfway through it, now, but I'll confess to taking a break from this behemoth of a book twice already: once to gobble up I Am Number Four and again, this past weekend, to revel in my proof of The Silent Land - both of which books you'll be reading about in The BoSS over the next few weeks.

The Silent Land isn't out till November, so it might be a while before you hear any more from me about it, but hear this: I've got drafts of my Best of 2010 posts on my dashboard, and the latest Graham Joyce has already knocked one book from these five out of the running.

I Am Number Four you'll be hearing about soon enough. The next Next Big Thing, but is it half so deserving of the unwashed masses' attention as The Passage? No.

But it's a bit of fun.

Anyway. That's your update for the day. I'll be a proper blogger again tomorrow, I promise!

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