Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Undead Unemployed

So goes the headline of an article on Dark Horizons which popped up on my RSS reader this second. Say what?

"Despite the renewal for another season, The Walking Dead showrunner Frank Darabont has fired the entire writing staff of the AMC hit series reports Deadline.

"Along with the scribes, writing executive producer Charles H. Eglee has been let go and Darabont is reportedly looking to assign scripts to freelancers rather than having a writing staff. Darabont himself penned the first two episodes of the first season and polished the scripts for the other four - one of which came from the comic's creator and two from non-staff writers. Acclaim for the pilot and second episode ran pretty high, but critical enthusiasm has slightly dropped off in subsequent weeks [...] Darabont also has the issue of a much longer thirteen-episode second season [to contend with]."

So tell me, all y'all who've been keeping up with The Walking Dead: is it true? The other half and I only sat down to start watching this show last night. We made it through the feature-length pilot and episode two, and had, I'm not afraid to say, a very fine time indeed. She hasn't read the comic, I've only read the first trade, and I think it pleased us both in equal measure.

Now I'm worried. Has The Walking Dead really gone off the deep end? A scaling of the infamous sewer shark so quickly? God, but I dearly hope not...


  1. I am a huge huge fan of the graphic novels, and I loved the first two episodes of the show. But I must confess that since Rick met up with the group it's gone downhill for me. The pacing seems way off, the characters have started making decisions that stretch my suspension of disbelief beyond its elastic tolerance, plus the dialogue is just weird in places.

    Saying that I'm going to give this weeks ep in hopes it picks up.

  2. I am also a big fan of the comic...and so far the show seems a bit hollow compared to the comic. I have enjoyed the tv episodes so far but they haven't been spectacular yet. It is hard to know if my knowledge of the events as I have read them and the difference in the events of the tv show are making it difficult for me to truly enjoy the show.

    I will continue to watch and maybe different writers will give it a little more cohesion in season 2.

  3. I agree with Celine, ever since Rick joined up with the group, things have been in decline, not bad but nothing too great either. Entertaining but nothing special.

  4. The big sister staring at the dead little sister for half the episode was getting anoying, this 5th episode. But other than that, it's very enjoyable. The last 10 minutes of that episode were very nice.

    For some reason, I just don't like the chick from prison break.

  5. This is good news. Because either the new writers will make the show good again, or they'll keep it in the crapper. There's where it's at now. The first episode was great, but the show has been on a huge decline since ep. 2. Cliche after cliche. It's like watching a four hour zombie movie that looks suspiciously like everything else you've seen (because it is). That's its problem: yes, it's based on a comic that's been around for a while, but they're doing a crap job of updating it for an audience that is already oversaturated with zombie stories.

    So, sounds like a good idea to me to fire the writers. They suck.