Monday 24 January 2011

Excerpt Emporium | Deathless by Cat Valente

I'm probably not going to be putting together a list of 2011 books and such I'm looking forward to. Truth be told, I didn't realise it was such a thing with a capital T, or else I might have. But alas. It's nearly February now, and I've been busy enough trying to keep up with what's already hit bookstore shelves that I've hardly had time to consider all the good stuff that's surely coming.

But let's role play awhile, say I had had a moment. As sure as night follows day, one of the topmost honours would have gone to Deathless, the latest from Catherynne M. Valente, author of The Habitation of the Blessed... which yes, I know, I still haven't reviewed, despite declaring it the best book of last year.

I am a bad blogger.

Punish me later. For now, there's a fat, three-chapter long excerpt of Deathless up over at

But I don't want to give you that!

I want to give you this: the fan-made comic book Cat put together with Amy Hauser and talked up on her blog, which retells a segment of said novel in exquisite sequential art. You can also find that on Tor's rather prolific website, via this link, though for those of us whose browser plug-ins aren't up to the mighty standards required by, there's an easily downloadable PDF over at the artist's website.

Isn't it gorgeous? Aren't those just the prettiest words?

I'd squee if I didn't have just enough self-respect to spare you such behaviour. :)

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