Wednesday 5 January 2011

The Scotsman Abroad | Who's Afraid of The Year in Review?

...well, excepting the obvious answer - and alas, the Loch Neth sea monster's not feeling his best, so. You know. ;)

But not I!

Perhaps it's symptomatic of some early-game enthusiasm for the whole process of blogging, but with Top of the Scots back before Christmas I spent a whole week ringing in the year's best, and I still found myself with enough of an appetite to rattle off a few favourites that, when asked, I was pleased as punch to contribute for the first time to a certain annual Year in Review.

Purely for alphabetic reasons - that's my story and I'm sticking to it - my abbreviated nods get the whole celebratory shindig off the ground, but stick around for contributions from a who's-who of Strange Horizons' best and brightest writers.

I'm in some might fine company, aren't I?

Going in, be warned: you will very likely have spent all your Christmas money on books you hadn't even heard before you're through with this Year in Review. I know I did...

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