Tuesday 22 February 2011

Ask Me Anything | Your Mission, Should You Choose To Accept It

So that's kind of how this thing's going to work. Questions, and answers. Obviously I wrote the exemplar questions you've been seeing yesterday and today, just so we were all thinking along the same lines. Next time, it's your turn.

You can send in your questions either by email, addressed to thespeculativescotsman [at] googlemail.com, marked with the subject header "Ask Me Anything," or I suppose, just this once, you could leave them in the comments.

But I'd really rather you sent them direct - and say how you'd prefer to be credited: by name, your chosen handle, or anonymously - because there will be prizes.

Did I not mention there'd be prizes? :D

The keyword here is irony, internets. That is unless someone
wants to take issue with my understanding of the application
of said (in which case leave off, you pedant).

Well, there will be. Prizes, I mean!

As those of you who follow The BoSS will know, I get sent quite a lot of books for review - not to too my own horn, you understand: just to explain that I simply don't have room for all the lovely books, lovely though they are. And there are lovely. But sometimes I'll get multiple copies of a thing from multiple publishers, and often enough when I've reviewed a proof I can realistically say, I'll never read that again, and short of sending these beauties along to a charity shop, there's not a lot else to do with them.

But I figure, some of you might enjoy a good free book.

Thus, the best question that comes in each time I run an Ask Me Anything - and how regularly I'll do so remains to be seen: the ball's in your court, folks - anyway, I'll declare the best question a Star Letter or some such silly thing, and personally post you a good book in need of a nice home.

Remember: nothing is off limits. Nothing is too silly or too serious, too specialist or too vague. This is just a bit of fun. God knows, it might even be interesting...

So please, by all means, if it isn't too much trouble - I'd really rather adore you if you did - Ask Me Anything, internet. Starting...

... now!


  1. Gidday mate!

    What is the food that you would never eat, even if you were famished and it was the only thing available?

    Mine's swede ....my dear departed momma used to force me to eat it when I was a child. Yech!

  2. What has been the biggest disappointment you've read?

    Matt Cavanagh