Monday, 7 February 2011

A Death In The Family | Brian Jacques (1939 - 2011)

Oh, cock.

It looks like Brian Jacques is dead. So sayeth the Beeb, here.

The 71-year old author hasn't come up here on The Speculative Scotsman, not as yet, but gather round and I'll tell you a secret: I sincerely believe, were it not for a friendly local librarian turning me on to the Redwall books, I wouldn't have half the appetite for fantasy - nor indeed fiction - as I do today.

So you see he changed the world, a little bit.

You'll be sorely missed, Brian Jacques. Rest in peace.


  1. NO!! Oh. That makes me very sad.

  2. I knew Brian personally for many years through his spouse, Liz .
    He was a very happy and content gentleman, who lived a very full life.
    My daughter, Laura was a fan of his work.
    He will be sorely missed.

  3. He was exceedingly lovely to my husband, who wrote telling him how much the Redwall books meant to him. I always got the impression he was a nice guy.

  4. So I've slept on it now, and this news is still as awful as it was when I first came across it.

    Thus, the plan is to drop by my folks later on tonight, see if I can't scrounge up my old copies of the first few Redwall books for a wee reread; pay tribute to Brian Jacques the only way I know how, you know.

    Anyone feel like joining me?

  5. Oh that's a lovely thought, Niall. I would join you too only I'm about to expire under the weight of deadlines both official and self imposed. Think of me as you flip the pages, and know my heart is in it with you :)