Monday, 12 December 2011

The Scotsman Abroad | Twelve for 2012

So do you folks read The Book Smugglers' blog?

If not, why not?

Ana and Thea are just such lovely sorts that I've found it impossible not to follow their regular adventures in the land of literature. Truth be told, half of what they cover over there is a little outside of my usual ball-park, but that's half the fun! Were it not for Ana and Thea's perceptive and refreshingly frank perspectives, I'd have missed out on any number of novels I wouldn't otherwise have looked twice at.

Now Top of the Scots is all well and good - I put a lot of work into it, yet I am, alas, only one man - but I'll gladly go on record and say no-one does the whole year-end celebration like The Book Smugglers do. Their Smugglivus runs all month long, and it sees contributions from almost every corner of the book blogging community.

I only say almost because before now, there was no me!

Well now there's me. :D

It was an incredible pleasure to be invited to take part in Smugglivus - an honour and a privilege, hand on heart - so I put my thinking cap on and considered what the most awesome thing I could contribute would be.

Given that I've announced my favourite books of the year already, I thought: why not talk some about what's to come? Then, coincidentally - or not - The Book Smugglers slotted me in for today, the twelfth day of the twelfth month. Things came together from there.

But enough of my burbling. It gives me tremendous pleasure to point you in the general direction of my contribution to Smugglivus, wherein I look at twelve of the books set to be published in the year 2012 that I'm most excited to see.

Some of the highlights include Sharps, Railsea and A Red Country... though I realise now that I totally neglected to mention The Twelve by Justin Cronin - that is to say the sequel to The Passage - which would have been a perfect fit, wouldn't it?

Ah well. You'll just have to make do!

All told, though, it's looking like it'll be a fine year, don't you think?

As ever, I'm sure I'm missing approximately a million things, so please do fill me in, folks: what books are you most eagerly anticipating?

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