Friday, 28 September 2012

Cover Identity | Tomato, Tomahto, N0S4A2, N0S4R2

Now Stephen King has been on an upswing in recent years, and I'm disappointed that he won't have a new novel published this winter, as has been the case since time immemorial, but I'll be honest: two books and a short story collection later, I've come to enjoy the work of his son Joe Hill as much if not more than that of his famous father, so hearing more about what's next from the author of Horns and Heart-Shaped Box is like music to my ears.

For a while now we've known its name: N0S4A2. We've heard that it will be about vampires, and "a very bad man called Charlie Manx with a very bad car," but beyond that, nary a whisper, and certainly no synopsis.

Sadly, we're still without one, but something interesting did emerge this week. Cover art!

That's the UK edition on the left. The infinitely less interesting North American cover art is opposite.
There's really no competition between the two, is there?

But do take note of the differing titles: Hill's next novel will be known as N0S4A2 in the US, whilst Gollancz have opted to retitle it N0S4R2. And... I don't get it. I'm British to the bone, but the North American l33tspeek makes more sense to me. Unless the stress on the "r" in the UK title means pirates are also involved.

So, pirates vs. cars vs. vampires? :D

No matter who wins, clearly, we lose.

Oh, but I kid! I can't wait for N0S4A2 / N0S4R2, which is penciled in for publication in both territories next April.

Meantime, me hearties, I'm putting my money on the cars.


  1. The Mountain that Reads28 September 2012 at 17:41

    Thank you, Niall. I didn't understand the subtle change either....although pirates make sense! I also don't get the Ohio license plate with the steering wheel on the right side?! Regardless, hands down better cover art than the North American version.

  2. I tend to find UK cover art, 95% of the time, is preferable to US. Which is nice, as we get so few wins otherwise.

    This one all honesty..I'm a little tired of demonic cars from King & Co...

    Unkind perhaps, but honest at least.

    What a wonderful blog you have, you've given me something to aspire to.

    1. Very kind of you, Taztic, thank you. :)

      I'll grant you I sighed inside when I heard about the evil car as well, but Hill and his dad aren't interchangeable, so I'm alright with letting him have a shot at the subject solo. And knowing Joe Hill, there's sure to be more to N0S4A2 than that.


  4. I got really excited when I saw this the other day, but the whole thing about vampires and crazy cars cooled me off a little bit. Hopefully Hill will manage to put a unique spin on things.