Monday, 10 September 2012

Giving the Game Away | Alif, Seen!

To tie a little knot on top of all the fun we had with G. Willow Wilson's tour-de-force debut, I thought this afternoon I'd announce the winners of the giveaway the lovely sorts at Corvus were kind enough to organise.

As ever, I received entries from all round the world, but on this occasion, alas, I was only able to accept those from the UK and Europe.

Before I give the game away, let's remind ourselves of the question I asked you to answer:

Which letter of the English alphabet is
the Arabic character 'Alif' equivalent to?

The solution to this particular riddle? 'Twas as easy as blank, B, C:

The letter 'A'

And almost everyone who entered the giveaway got it right. Next time, let's shoot for the moon, folks!

But enough beating around the alif. We have three lucky winners, and they are:
  • Kathleen Hooper, of Nottingham
  • John Elder, fae Glasgow
  • and Latvia's own Ieva Zalite
Hearty congratulations to the winners — meanwhile my commiserations to the less lucky.

Kathleen, John and Ieva should expect to receive an email from me to confirm their details within the next few days. All else who entered, I'm afraid you'll have get your grubbies on this book the old fashioned way.

By bartering precious stones for it, of course. :D


  1. Wow, Thanks very much! I loved the sound of this book from your review and really look forward to reading it!

  2. Thank you very much, you've made my day!
    I'll be looking out for the postie now!
    As a first-time commenter I'd also like to take the opportunity to thank you for your recommendations over the last couple of years. I keep coming back to this site partly because of the quality of the writing but also because you've steered me towards some excellent books which I'd otherwise not necessarily have found.
    Thanks also to the generous author/publisher. I could be moved to post a review or two of my own for once!

  3. My book arrived today. I am saving it for a forthcoming autumn trip away... It will be ideal for those long chilly evenings! Thanks very much.