Thursday, 5 February 2015

Coming Attractions | Savages by K. J. Parker

Good news, everyone: fully three years since SharpsSavages—the long-awaited new novel by K. J. Parker—is actually happening!

A tour through this afternoon's inbox brought the first blurb:
An unnamed man wakes to find himself facing the loss of everything that matters most to him. Against all odds, he escapes with his life and heads out into the turbulence of the wider world, recreating himself, step by step, as he goes along. 
That wider world is dominated by an empire that has existed for decades in a state of near perpetual war. A host of colorful characters will help to shape the destiny of the empire, and its constantly shifting array of allies and adversaries; among them, a master military strategist, a former pacifist who inherits his father's moribund arms business, a beautiful forger and a very lucky counterfeiter. Each of them, together with corrupt bureaucrats and the nomadic 'savages' of the title, plays a part in a gradually unfolding drama of conflict and conquest played for the highest of stakes. 
A story of war, politics, intrigue, deception, and survival, Savages is a hugely ambitious, convincingly detailed novel that is impossible to set aside. Filled with schemes, counter-schemes, sudden reversals of fortune, and brilliantly described accounts of complex military encounters, it is, by any measure, an extraordinary entertainment, the work of a writer whose ambition, range, and sheer narrative power have never been more thoroughly on display.
And if that weren't enough to whet your appetite, feast your eyes on the cover art by Bram Sels:

The limited edition of Savages is coming from Subterranean Press in the States this summer. A little birdie tells me a more affordable edition will be released in the UK in the same timeframe. That's this July, guys.

Time to get excited, right?

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