Monday 4 January 2010

Hot Toddy 2010: Zero Hour

From four full days of accumulated wisdom I have cleverly determined that the week, not coincidentally, ends on a Sunday. Right around midnight of that night, in fact.

Thus: at the hour of howling every seven days through 2010, I mean to take a close look at the various Bestseller lists Amazon makes available. Every Monday, The Speculative Scotsman will publish a new installment of Hot Toddy, which promises to recount with a modicum of commentary those entries, new and age-old alike, in the Top 25 Books, DVDs and Video Games that might in some way appeal to readers, viewers and players of speculative fiction - to readers, in other words, of this little blog that could.

No doubt you've seen something like this before. Surely we all look at Pat's Fantasy Hotlist on a regular basis for his rundown of the best-selling fiction according to the New York Times - not to mention the rest of the content he so kindly provides. Where Hot Toddy will make itself distinct from Patrick's excellent catch-up session is in its concern with a wider range of media than simply fiction and its necessarily British interests. Would that there were a bestseller list available for Scotland alone; alas, Amazon's hourly Top 25s will have to do for the moment.

We'll get the ball rolling properly later today.

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