Friday 22 January 2010

Speculative Cinema in 2010: The Year of the Flood

Later today, I'll be publishing the first proper installment of Speculative Cinema in 2010, a look ahead at some of the more notable films coming our way over the next twelve months. I've only just begun putting the pieces of this extensive write-up together, yet already the year ahead looks to be one for genre fans to remember.
It's incredible, in a way, how mainstream our specific interests have become. There are, I think, more movies on the books for release in 2010 that touch on science fiction, fantasy and horror than there have been in any year in recent memory. Don't ask me for statistics to back that assertion up; there's every chance that this is simply the first time I've been paying such close attention, but when you've read through the completed article, I think it's likely that you'll agree.
At this early stage, it seems that sprawling, Guy Gavriel Kay-esque historical fantasies will win out over science fiction and horror in 2010, but by no means is there a shortage of movies incorporating elements from either of those latter categories. From time travel to talking toys and from werewolves to post-apocalyptic wastelands, it appears the filmmaking industry have finally begun to take the themes and motifs of speculative fiction's myriad forms seriously.
Many of what will surely be the year's biggest films pivot around worlds other than or otherwise unlike ours, histories that diverge from reality as it has been recorded and technology that there isn't even talk of on the bleeding edge, not least my own most anticipated movie of 2010. But we'll get to that in due course.
In total, you'll see six installments of Speculative Cinema in 2010 over the next fortnight or thereabouts. Each part will take in around ten films; each individual preview will offer a brief synopsis and release date details where available, pilfered mostly from the IMDB, as well as a measure out of 10 of how highly I myself anticipate the films in question (with 1 representing the sort of cinema I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy and 10 being the potential equal of sliced bread in film form). Of course, dear readers, it wouldn't do to forget the commentary that ultimately you've come here seeking. There'll be no shortage of that.

A disclaimer: the forthcoming articles are not intended to be a definitive guide to every single film to come this year, neither in general nor even those relating in some way to our genres of choice, but if I've neglected to mention a notable movie you think has a place in this guide to Speculative Cinema in 2010, leave a comment or email me via the link on the sidebar and we'll see about an addendum once all the parts have been published.
As I began by saying, the first installment of this feature series should go up later today. Enjoy, discuss and please, feel free to disagree!

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