Monday 11 January 2010

How To Break the Blogger's Law

There'll be a full-on second edition of Hot Toddy later on today - this week with added snark! - but for the moment I just wanted to point you, dear readers, towards a very interesting discussion going on over at Stomping on Yeti.

Master of ceremonies Patrick posted earlier an incisive article entitled 10 Things I Hate About You(r Blog). I'd suggest you read it, firstly, via this link, and then jump into the chatter that's followed. I agree with just about every point Patrick makes, particularly the 1st, 3rd and 5th rules of being a blogger worth reading.

I can't honestly say that The Speculative Scotsman hasn't fallen foul of a few of the other rules he points out - it feels like I've been at this blogging business for an age already, but realistically, it's early days yet. Truly, the rule I'm most afraid of breaking has to be number 4: try not to come across as pretentious.

Sadly, the capacity to write like a know-it-all git is what a degree in English Lit gets you, in the end. That and a sheet of pinted A4 paper. Not even card!

Anyway. Go visit Stomping on Yeti and tell the lovely Patrick I sent you.


  1. Patrick's list was spot on and a great resource for bloggers new and established. I certainly found myself looking sheepish a few times while reading it!

  2. Lovely? That's the first time I was ever called that.

    PS Your site design is pretty nifty. I might have a question or two if you know what you're doing. I sure as hell don't...

  3. @Aidan You're not wrong, mate: there surely were some great tips in there. Here's hoping the more notable rulebreakers take them to heart. As for myself, I'm still so wet behind the ears that I'll be double-checking my next batch of articles to make sure they don't go against Patrick's advice.

  4. @Patrick Ah, but you see I tend to be of the belief that snark and sarcasm are admirable traits in a writer - at least one who so clearly knows what he's doing. Those were some very wise words this morning. I'll certainly be keeping them in mind.

    Can't say in any sort of XML expert - I'm not even certain that's what it's called - but all it took to make TSS was a particularly pretty template design and a few modifications here and there. Still learning how to tweak it myself, but I'm glad you like and, sure, I'd be happy to help out if there's anything you'd like to have for Yeti Stomping purposes.