Saturday 30 October 2010

Woe Is Team Edward

This just in!

Team Edward, it seems, have lost.

Whilst idly browsing Baby Names World a little while ago - you must promise not to ask me why; it's altogether not what you think - I came across some rather surprising statistics. Apparently, the most popular girl's name for the year 2009, and thus the most popular name of the year?


22,067 times last year, a new baby girl came into the world and its originators, presumably Twilight-obsessed new parents, deemed it wise to name it after you-know-who.

Furthermore, the most popular boy's name in that same period... turns out to be Jacob. I kid you not. 20,858 kids born in 2009 alone are now crawling around the floor of the world, named, alas, after a sexy werewolf. Never mind that Jacob's quite a nice name - and perhaps Lost had something to do with this one, too. Or am I kidding myself?

Which leaves only Edward. Poor, misbegotten Edward. He comes in 248th overall, with only 2952 infants named in his dubious honour. Can't say I saw that coming. For goodness sake, more boys were named Maxwell!

Where did Team Edward go so wrong, I wonder? Honestly, I have no idea. Did Edward turn out to be a creepy old man wearing a teenager's face - the better to perv on Bella with - in the end? Was that it?

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  1. I would imagine that many Christians helped make Jacob a popular name among babies. How many Amish are in there I wonder who haven't heard of Twilight.