Wednesday, 13 October 2010


So I've been catching up since I got back, and trolling merrily through the RSS reader I came across a link to an interview by Lev Grossman (of The Magician fame) of Paulo Bacigalupi, whose The Windup Girl swept the awards circuit last year. Grudginly, I'm going to do the very thing Pat often doesn't and credit the Fantasy Hotlist for pointing me in this fascinating article's direction.

There's a treasure trove of good stuff in here, including exchanges such as this:

Lev Grossman: Did you ever make forays into literary fiction? Mainstream fiction?

Paolo: You mean good fiction?

Lev: Right. That's what I meant. "Legitimate" I think is another word for it.

Paolo: Instead of trash, right?

Not to mention instructional tips on how to correctly pronounce Bacigalupi's name, so the next time you're at a bloggers get-together you don't come a-cropper:

It's Paolo BATCH-i-ga-LOOP-ee.

Now just to figure out how to say Paolo... :P

There are dangerous confessions:

I remember when those book sales happened, I remember feeling like I could finally stand up straight and look certain people in the eye and say... the next time you see me sitting around in the coffee shop, or the next time you see me sitting out on the porch, quote, "doing nothing," it turns out I'm actually working. You motherfuckers.
And a bit of news, such as it is, for those hungering after Paolo's next novel:

I just threw an entire book away. I'd written it out to 80 or 90 thousand words and I just threw it away, because it's not what I love.

So I guess - damn it all! - Night Shade's timely reissue of Pump 6 and Other Stories will have to tide us over for the moment.

You really should just go read the interview for yourself. It's a goodie, and a quick 'un too.

Oh! You must stay tuned, too: I've a review of Ship Breaker on the books for early November. And mayhap I'll have a copy of the new edition of Messer Bacigalupi's short story collection to wax on about, too, before the year's out... one never knows.

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