Monday 29 November 2010

Man the Bird-Cannons!

I don't know if the Angry Birds have been keeping me sane or driving me quite, quite mad while I've been fending off this bastard cold - pretty much better now, thanks all! - but one way or another I'm glad to have had the little screamers in my pocket these past few days.

Gladder still to have stumbled upon this YouTube video in my time of (more than usual) neediness; gave me a good chuckle, I don't mind telling you. Of course my chuckling quickly turned into a fit of spluttering and coughing.

Be that as it may, behold the fun:

Takes me back to better times!

Better times might be pushing it, to be honest. Other times is perhaps more to my point: times when I'd sneak up to the old telly in the loft to watch Eurotrash in secret. Why in secret? Well, those filthy Frenchies, you know... my folks would not have approved.

Ah, the times, eh?

Truthfully I'm starting to feel a bit like Curden Craw...

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