Monday 22 November 2010

Out For The Count

So. I'm sick.

Not to make a crisis out of a drama or anything - I've only come down with a particularly vindictive flu bug - but I'm thinking it's safe to say I'm going to be out of it for the next couple of days: gobbling down bowl upon bowl of Vicks something-or-other while I bury my face in plates of steaming soup. Or... wait, I'm crossing my wires again, aren't I? :P

In any event, it's times like these I'm particularly thankful that I tend to keep a couple of reviews around from week to week as a sort of buffer. So you certainly won't go hungering for content - one snowbound Corvid, and one big cat's rampage coming right up! - though it mightn't be as timely as all that, you know. I'm sure you understand.

Anyway. Wish me well. I've got my inaugural end-of-the-year considerations to get started on as soon as, after all. Perhaps, in fact, this is an ideal opportunity for me to get caught up on a few of my more notable literary oversights. Under Heaven, anyone? The Desert Spear?

Here's hoping I can keep my eyes open long enough to get a little such reading done at the least...



  1. Get better, mate. The world can wait.

  2. I'm reading The Desert Spear right now, and so far, it's been very entertaining. Best of luck!

  3. Get better soon Niall, best wishes from belgium!

  4. You guys are such sweethearts!

    Would you believe I've spent the entire day sat in a van lugging unreasonably heavy furniture the length and breadth of Scotland? Well. I'd love to say I feel better for it... I don't.

    But I suppose it needed done.

    Thanks for all the well-wishes. Getting started on a new book a little later tonight, once I've relaxed some and blown my poor nose... still deciding which.

    (Which book I mean. Not which nose - honest, I only have the one!)

  5. Well you could make a selection between no...

    Never mind.

    Get better soon, man.

  6. Hope you're feeling better. I would have to put in my vote for Under Heaven, if you're soliciting.

  7. Get well soon, Niall. Hope your recovery is speedy!