Monday 29 November 2010


While we all reel from perhaps the most surprising surprise that's ever surprised us - after months of tedious speculation, it turns out (who'd have thunk it?) Pat the-big-attention-seeker-on-a-stick's not quitting the internet after all! - I thought a little ranting courtesy of Margaret Atwood might be like echinacea for the soul. A superb new interview with her popped up on The Guardian online yesterday, and yes, by the sounds of it she's still a right old bag, and yes, crucially, she still thinks the so-called "Long Pen" is a dandy idea, thank you very much.

She also says such things as:

'Go three days without water and you
don't have any human rights.
Why? Because you're dead.'

Seriously though: it's a stonker of an interview. Recommended reading for the day, if not the week. And it reminds me I really need to get to The Year of the Flood. I mean, it got some pretty negative press, but hell, so did Oryx and Crake, and readers, I adored that book... adored it.

Anyway. More funs in a minute!

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