Monday 28 March 2011

Press Release Your Luck | Genre For Japan

I've had my differences with undisputed Queen of Twitter and erstwhile Floor-to-Ceiling Books blogger Amanda Rutter, here on TSS and elsewhere. No bones shall be made about those today, or ever again. I only mention them so that you understand, when I tell you I'm all the way with her on this, believe you me: I'm with her all the way on this.

Genre for Japan is... well, why I don't let Amanda tell you herself?

We’ve all heard the news and seen the horrific pictures coming from Japan in the aftermath of the Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami – and no doubt we’ve all wondered how to help.
Following the example of Authors for Japan, where bids are now closed, we’d like to introduce Genre for Japan, a chance for the comics, science fiction, fantasy and horror communities to unite and show our generosity to those who need it right now.
We are planning to run auctions for genre-themed prizes and we need YOU to donate. We are looking for really fantastic prizes: examples might include signed first editions, coaching sessions with agents for that perfect submission letter or original artwork!
Some of the prizes already donated include a year's supply of books from Tor, signed artwork from Solaris Books and editing/critiques from professional authors and editors. 
The prizes will be auctioned on our website, through JustGiving, in aid of the British Red Cross Tsunami Appeal
If you have something really special to donate, please drop us a line at
including information such as a starting bid amount, a sentence or two about the item, and whether you wish to send the prize to a central collecting point or would be willing to post it to the winning bidder. Photos would also help us to list the item, if relevant. 
The deadline to receive offers of prizes is 25th March, with the auction set to begin on 28th March
Find out more information on our website: 
Follow us on twitter: @genreforjapan 
Or e-mail us at:

Of course there's rather a lot more to Genre for Japan than just our Amanda - respec' to each and every one of Jenni Hill, Louise Morgan, Ro Smith and Alasdair Stuart, not to mention all those who've donated - but I do believe Amanda spearheaded the initiative, and if I may be so bold, on behalf of the community haunting speculative fiction blogs like this very one:

Amanda Rutter, I salute you!

The auctions for Genre for Japan should begin here, in maybe ten minutes. Buy a few good books for a great cause; go on.

In fact, since I've missed the donation deadline, If it's alright with you and alright with Amanda, whoever spends the most between today and Sunday coming can have a few free books on me. Every little helps, I guess, and frankly I'm due a bit of a spring clean in any even. So drop me a line with your address, come the time, or demand Amanda do it, and we'll see what lovely proofs I can rustle up.

Now then. Go forth, my pretties, and bid!

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