Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Tubing the You | Stephen Fry and the Pedantry of the Senses

Found as per a blog post from fellow Scot, clever clogs and Book of All Hours author Hal Duncan, this is absolutely bloody priceless:

I think I remember hearing this on the its first go-around, on a show British national treasure and sometime Hugh Laurie collaborator Stephen Fry does from time to time for British national treasure and sometime Hugh Laurie collaborator BBC Radio 4. Though I could of course be mistaken.

In any case it's brilliant. To my eternal shame, I've always been a bit of a grammar Nazi. Noting the inappropriate appropriation of impossible apostrophes on shop signs and business cards in particular has been a source of some pride for me, in the past. Rather less so after watching this bit of "kinetic typography," so-called.

But what it the world does "heterodox" mean anyway? And is "sound-sex" a real word, really?

Or am I quite missing the point? ;)

Take it upon yourselves to Tube the You and you're sure enough to find a whole host of other examples of this kinetic typography thing, if you're interested. I found a few pretty decent scenes from The Dark Knight and V for Vendetta, for instance. Admittedly they were less awesome than the clip I've embedded above, but then, they didn't have Stephen Fry in, and life is significantly less worth living during those dry months between seasons of QI when there's no Stephen Fry fun to be had.

As we all know.

So who else among us will be man enough to stand up and be counted as a dirty great punctuation pirate?

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