Thursday, 24 March 2011

Screen Shot | A Game of Images of Thrones

A quartet of gorgeous new images from A Game of Thrones, HBO's forthcoming adaptation of a certain George R. R. Martin novel - you've never heard of it already, have you? - just went up over at You guys and gals should totally look at them. You'll probably know what they're of and everything.

Me? I just think they're purdy.

Here's the two I've saved as fodder for potential desktops - loathe though I'll be to leave behind the exquisite art from The Way of Kings that's been gracing my screen through 2011 so far:

The other pair, you'll find over here, where embiggening opportunities await.

Hell with it. You know what I'm going to do? By gum, I think I'm going to read this book!

Starting just as soon as my coffee's good and brewed...


  1. You haven't read A Game of Thrones yet? And you call yourself an SFF fan... Tsk tsk.


    (Says the person who has never read Tolkien.)

  2. We all have our guilty secrets. I just have an odd habit of telling folks what mine are.

    Also the Thundercats. And what of it? :)

  3. All I know about the Thundercats is people like wearing shirts with the logo and that several middle-aged men I know have had an obsession with them.

  4. Take that back! 27 years old. 27. And only just.

    Oh, damn it all...

    Night, James.

  5. That's about the right age given the shows original run. I going on 24, so I ran across it from time to time. Except I never really watched it... it was mostly the show I cocked my eyebrow at before turning the channel. What gets me is the ages of the people wearing the shirts. I went to an anime convention this past February and saw kids all throughout their teens wearing the shirts. And I was kind of left to wonder if they were actually familiar with what their shirts represented or if it was some sort of Che-esque fashion meme.

  6. On topic:

    The images look good. I am excited about the series, but I don't have HBO and there is no chance I'll have it by the time the show rolls around.

    I'm sure I'll find some (entirely legal, of course...) way to watch it when the time comes.