Wednesday 13 July 2011

News Flashing | Three Movie Posters to Rule Them All

You know The Dark Knight Rises is filming just up the road from where I am at the moment?


I suppose I could drive down, see what I could see, but hell, it's not like I could flash my blogger ID and expect to get on set. If I was very, very lucky - as exceedingly lucky as Mr Kipling's cakes and pastries are good - I might catch a glimpse of a Batmobile chassis... but in all honestly, I'd sooner see that thing when it's good and ready to be seen.

Speaking of which, the first teaser poster for The Dark Knight Rises was released yesterday. You've all seen it, right? Isn't it awesome?

But of course it's awesome!

(In fact, with a little cropping here and a little rotation there, it could very well be my new desktop wallpaper. Michael Whelan's gorgeous cover art for The Way of Kings has served me well, but I think it's time may have just come.)

However, pleased as I am to finally see some art from The Dark Knight Rises, I dare say the release of that poster rather overshadowed two other images which also slipped out of the great Hollywood marketing machine yesterday. And let's face facts: the breaking of Batman is a way away yet.

(Summer 2012 can't come soon enough...)

In the meantime, would you kindly feast your eyes on these, ladies and gentlemen? I give you the posters for Hugo - which is to say a fantasy film by way of legendary director Martin Scorsese - and the long in-the-making prequel to The Thing: 

Now these movies, due in October and November... these are movies we can start getting excited about right now!

And as well we should, because the early reports are that this prequel to The Thing could eclipse even the decades-long legacy of the original -- here's hoping...

...whereas Hugo (formerly The Invention of Hugo Cabret) just so happens to be the film Ser Scorsese's been making since completing work on my favourite movie of all 2010: I mean Shutter Island, of course.

If either of these forthcoming flicks can live up to the cinematic watermarks of their respective predecessors, we could be looking at an incredible Fall of genre films right here.

Don't you think?



  1. Salivating for Hugo already, but Niall - Shutter Island? Really? I'm in a rush now but I'll get back to you with my something better for 2010 :-)

  2. True Grit just sneaks in there with a December release. Actually, 2010 was a shit film year - not great pickings at all.

  3. I keep hearing Shutter Island gets a bit of a bad rap - don't understand it myself. I really did adore that film. Loved it twice through, in fact; a real rarity for me these days, that.

    Then again I still haven't seen True Grit.

    2010 was a pretty shitty year for cinema, wasn't it? I don't know that from where I'm sitting 2011 is feeling a great deal improved, either. Though if this prequel to The Thing and Hugo both work out - which I admit is an unlikely prospect at best - it could be on the way up. here's to that? :/

  4. Now you mention it, now I think on it, I really should get around to watching True Grit, shouldn't I?

    Fuck it! Tonight's the night... :)

  5. Don't get me wrong, I really enjoyed Shutter, but I guessed what was happening in all of five minutes, and I think if you can get past the opening without sussing what's going on, the film stands up pretty good.

  6. Took me longer than the five minutes, I'll admit, but I'd guessed the big twist well before it came to pass. In fact I was prepared to all but dismiss Shutter Island on those grounds, and then there was that last scene - the epilogue during which DiCaprio made his, uh... his final decision, shall we say? - and that... that I hadn't seen coming. That moment pretty much sealed the deal for me.

  7. Agreed, that moment lifted the film into something of quality. It put me in mind of Memento, where Guy P allows himself to forget, just to give his life purpose. What a fucking film!

  8. The Batman poster is cool, but I don't think very highly of the movies and I'm just not looking forward to listen to Bale growl for over two hours. The other two posters aren't great (well, I do like The Thing's poster), but I am excited to see both of them despite having never heard of them before.

    By the way, I really enjoyed Shutter Island, too.

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