Wednesday 6 July 2011

We Interrupt This Broadcast | Good China, Bad Blogger

Guess who's back?

Not that I actually went away anywhere; in fact I've been sat here pretty much the whole time, twiddling my thumbs. As you'll know if you read the public service announcement from last week, or if you've been following me on Twitter in the interim, the real culprit - the not-so-secret cause of this unfortunate signal loss - was my broken, beaten, battle-scarred old computer.

Me, I'm all about fixing shit. Most days I'm even pretty decent at the Humpty Dumpty art of taking things apart and putting them back together. But this time, alas... there was nothing I could do. Her fan spun its last and soon afterwards she closed her eyes; slipped away. At least she went out well. If she did not die in battle, like the heroes in the storybooks, at least there was a sort of grace to it. A sense of stillness... of peace.

Because goddamn! My old dead computer was a noisy motherfucker.

Anyway, it was a sad day. An ugly day. And an expensive day, for though it hurt my heart to replace old faithful so soon, I had a job to do. Several, even - not least feeding this here habit of mine - and I knew the world would not likely wait.

So here we are. Again. Missed you guys! :)

Do stay tuned for a bit of a moan about Pixar later today, and tomorrow, at long last, my review of Low Town by Daniel Polansky.

Meantime, let me wish any and all new visitors who've come by way of Floor to Ceiling Books - and I see there've been a few of you moved by Amanda's kindly call to arms - a warm Scottish welcome, complete with Glasgow kisses that you'll thank me for not delivering in person.

If only I'd had some advance warning, I'd have whipped out the good china and all! Alas, these words of mine will have to do. Here's hoping you like what you see.

As for the rest of you: thanks, everyone, for your patience. And how the hell have you all been in my absence?


  1. Welcome back. Sorry your computer decided to die on you, but it's good to have you back online! I rarely comment on your blog, but I'm an avid reader. Anyway, welcome back!