Monday, 7 June 2010

A Whole Week of Mark Charan Newton

So don't say I didn't warn you!

Today marks day one of The Speculative Scotsman's weeklong Mark Charan Newton extravaganza. The celebrations will be kicking off later today, but truth be told, they've been in the works for ages. Mark was an early supporter of this here blog, and the release of Nights of Villjamur in paperback alongside the sequel, City of Ruin, seemed like the perfect opportunity to start paying all the good will back. It's been a grand old time getting the content together, and I think I can safely say whether you've read The Legends of the Red Sun or not, there should be more than enough to keep all comers happy campers.

So how's the schedule looking? Packed, is how. This afternoon, we'll get the party started with my review of Nights of Villjamur. Only a year after the fact; don't ever say I'm not timely!

Come tomorrow, you can look forward to the first half of my interview with Mark, followed by news of a very exciting giveaway indeed. How do you fancy your chances at winning a rare US proof of Nights of Villjamur? How about if it had Mark's signature scrawled inside? You don't want to miss this one, people. Stay tuned for all the gory details on how to enter...

On Wednesday, I'm handing the reigns of The Speculative Scotsman over to the man himself for a guest post, in which Mark discusses six of the books that influenced him during the creation of The Legends of the Red Sun. His piece makes for fascinating reading. I think you may be surprised by some of his choices.

On Thursday, The Speculative Spotlight shines on, with more chatter between me and Mark. We talk politics, Nottingham, burn-out and much, much more. He's an interesting fellow, don't you know. Of course, if you've been to his blog - and who among us hasn't? - you'll know that already.

And to Friday. On Friday, I'll be announcing the lucky winner of the big ol' giveaway, and rounding off the celebrations with my review of City of Ruin.

So that's the week. And what a week it's going to be. If you have half as much fun reading all of what's to come as I did writing it, my work here, I think, is done.

With that, then, let the games begin...

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