Friday 11 June 2010

A Winner Have We

It's been a long week, I know. An exciting one here on The Speculative Scotsman, needless to say, but for those of you who aren't Mark or me, rest easy. It's nearly over now, and I've news that should make one lucky sonofagun's Friday night that much more palatable.

So cast your minds back to Tuesday. There was a certain... giveaway. Of a signed US proof copy of Nights of Villjamur I've been looking after for long enough I had started to get territorial over it. Well, much as it pains me to part with this gorgeous, strictly limited ARC, it's time, I think, what with the celebrations drawing to a close, to pull a name out of the hat.

While I do that, here's the question I asked:

"One of the most remarkable things about Nights of Villjamur is its titular setting, a fantastic Mecca of a place rife with corruption, crime and culture. In City of Ruin, however, much of the action takes place in another city on the Boreal Archipelago. What is that city called?"

The correct answer, of course, was Villiren. And kudos to you all: pretty much everyone got it - that is except those of you who sent me an empy email. There were entries from the world over. From Latvia to the Netherlands, England to Croatia, America to Canada to Australia and on... not forgetting my own wee country.
But there can be only one, I'm afraid to say, and the lucky so-and-so who's going to be taking the lovely prize off my hands is none other than...
Sven Declerck of Belgium
Which is where the best beers live! I'll be in touch shortly, Sven. To demand crates of Kwak, that is...
To everyone else, better luck next time - and thanks for playing!


  1. YESS! Victory is sweet :) ;) I prefer Duvel over Kwak btw :) Thanks again for the wonderful prize; I'll give an honour place in my library!

  2. Se now, we get Duvel over here, and Hoegarten, Chimay from time to time, but I confess it's the Kwak I miss - very likely because I just can't find the stuff anywhere in Scotland. I brought a pair of the fancy glasses and stands back with me from Brussels last year, too. But nothing to put in them!

    You enjoy that book new, Sven. A pleasure to have made you YESS! :)