Saturday 18 September 2010

A Capitol Competition: We Have Our Winners!

What a week it's been...

Well, sadly, it's almost over now. Hasn't it been fun though? We should totally do this again.

In any event, there's just one last matter to address before we draw back the curtains and dim the lights on The Hunger Games once and for all - at least until more concrete news of the inevitable film adaptations break, that is. Remember the giveaway I announced on Tuesday? Well, we have our winners.

But before we get to that, let me remind you, one last time, of the question... in question. Ahem.

"Which District of Panem does Katniss Everdeen, heroine of The Hunger Games and Mockingjay du jour, hail from?"

The correct answer - you need only have skim-read the back cover blurb of any of the books in the trilogy, or indeed my reviews thereof, to have found out - was, of course, District 12. Thanks to everyone who entered.

Now. To the lucky so-and-sos who emailed me the correct answer before the deadline for entries elapsed. These three kings will be receiving a mug, a t-shirt and a set of swanky temporary tattoos in the mail shortly:
  • Cara Murphy, from Surrey;
  • Michael Morton, from West Yorkshire;
  • and Ken Collins, from Edinburgh.
In addition to which, we have one grand prizewinner, who goes home with all the aforementioned goodies AND a complete set of The Hunger Games trilogy itself.

Pardon me, house band. A drum roll, please?

Yes, that's much better.

The grand poobah, then, is none other than:

  • Catherine Asher, from London.
Congratulations, Catherine! In fact, congrats to all the winners! And commiserations to all the losers!

And from me, on behalf of the Capitol, adieu!

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