Monday 13 September 2010

Let The Hunger Games Begin!

Here on the blog and from time to time on Twitter, I've bumbled in brief about The Hunger Games. To be perfectly frank, I don't read a lot of young adult literature - not because I'm averse to the form at all, you must understand, but because it can be pretty tough to separate the genuinely good from the zeitgeist-grabbers along the lines of Twilight. Nevertheless, I couldn't help but sit up and take notice of the frenzy that met the release of the last volume of Suzanne Collins' tremendously successful YA trilogy late last month. As much to satisfy my curiosity as anything else, I got a hold of a copy of the first book in the series... and I haven't looked back since.

The more attentive among you might have wondered when in heck I'd get around to writing up something more substantial than the intermittent 140 character installments following my progress through The Hunger Games. Well, this week is when. In fact, this whole week. From today through Friday, I'll be posting full reviews of all three novels in the trilogy, I've news of a tremendously exciting giveaway to share - more on which tomorrow - and there might just be another... thing. We'll see!

In any event, whether you're a devoted Katniss fan or a YA hater, irrespective of whether you've all three lovingly dog-eared novels on your bookshelves or you've idly wondered if apparent child's play such as The Hunger Games is for you, I like to think there'll be something for everyone on The Speculative Scotsman this week.

Be warned, however. At all times I do my best to avoid spoilers - half the fun of reading or hearing a story is the palpable sense of discovery that accompanies the journey, and who am I to take that away from you? - but particularly in my reviews of Catching Fire and Mockingjay, given that they're sequels which directly follow on from the events of the previous books, there's some stuff you may want to avert your eyes from if you mean to read The Hunger Games in the not-too-distant. Not that I'm giving away much more than the plot synopses do.

With that caveat, then...

...let the games begin!

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