Monday 27 September 2010

Disappears Into The Ether

So that's me. Off on holiday. In fact, contrary to my suggestion last week of merely taking a couple of weeks away to recharge, I'm actually on holiday. Right now, as you read this, in fact, I'm enjoying (I hope) a hastily planned trip to Krakow, where I hear there is cheese. I'll travel anywhere for a good cheese, I will. The moon has thus been on top of my agenda of holiday destinations for decades, now, but alas, Ryan Air don't fly there.


To tell the truth, you probably won't notice a huge difference in the blog with me at the helm versus the automaton I've enlisted to keep it updated while I'm away. To aid its efforts, I've personally squirreled away a few reviews and some other fun stuff to tide you all over. What Audrey the Auto-Pilot has in store, however, will be as much of a surprise to me as you.

Here's hoping something doesn't go awfully, awfully wrong while I'm gone... like say she develops a consciousness sub-routine, or falls in love with my toaster.

But it simply won't do to tease about the inevitable robot apocalypse, so.

See y'all! :)


  1. Krakow? Fucking gorgeous city. Head for the "New Market" area (south, near the old Jewish Quarter,) if ye want to get away from the full-on stag-nighty centre for a bit. Nice bars down that way and a bit less... touristastic. [end unsolicited advice]

  2. EasyJet fly to the moon, though the airport's actually on Mars - you have to get a bus.

    Enjoy the holiday! And the cheese, Gromit.

  3. Pah, cheese. Overrated stuff.

    Anyway, have a nice break. We'll all be sad to see you back after experiencing the deliciousness of automaton-toaster incest-posting, but we'll try to be nice and hide our disappointment.

  4. enjoy your break Niall!