Wednesday 29 September 2010

Infinite Update

If the reveal of Irrational Games' long-gestating next project left you crestfallen, as the debut of Bioshock Infinite - aka Skyoshock - did me, and you haven't yet seen the ten minutes of live gameplay the esteemed developers put out presumably to allay such fears as my own, do yourself a favour:

Now I don't know that I believe heavily scripted sequences such as this will be commonplace in the final game - one can only imagine how much work it's taken Irrational just to pull off this 'un - but pack up your troubles in an old tin bag (don't worry about the cavalry), because if that gameplay is at all indicative of what Infinite is aiming to be, I think it's safe to consider it a potential game-changer already. I can't even begin to describe what a leg-up this kind of authored experience would give the medium...

There's also a 45-minute video over at Giant Bomb wherein ruggishly handsome Irrational mastermind Ken Levine - perhaps the closest thing, not coincidentally I would suggest, we have to an actual auteur in video games - explains what you've just seen and how it's significant. I'm not going to embed it here, but for all those of you with an interest in Bioshock and indeed, what gaming could be in a couple of years if Infinite makes the mark it surely means to, you owe it to yourself.

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  1. I was also underwhelmed until I saw Game Informer's gorgeous spread and glowing review. I like to know what's coming out soon, but rarely does a preview article make me want to buy a game on street date.