Saturday, 14 May 2011

But I Digress | My Hand Hurts, Blogger to Blame

So much has happened since we last spoke. So much that - just this once - I might have to be brief.

Yes, yes. I know: what a turn-up for the books!

For starters, then, was dead for a day, during which time one could actually hear the self-satisfied smirks of WordPress devotees the world over. You didn't even have to listen closely to pick out the sounds...

But as of now, Blogger is - thank the dead - back. That is, pretty much. Some of the posts I had scheduled to go live during the downtime - not to mention most of the comments made on articles from this past week - seem to have made good on a daring escape attempt into the wild blue yonder.

And you know what? I might as well wish them happy travels. Because there's bigger news.

Well, bigger news for me. See, I've sliced the hell out of my hand.

Not by design, I hasten to add. Least, I hope it wasn't; certainly I didn't come upon this great gash according to the machinations of one or another of my deeply dastardly plans - which are legion, needless to say.

But before a thorough investigation can be made into the particular circumstances surrounding this attack against all that is Scottish, for simplicity's sake, we're going to say I had myself something of an accident. Involving a broken Pyrex dish and my right hand. Involving a broken Pyrex dish in my right hand.

Long story short, it hurts to type.

It also hurts to play video games, or hold a book the way I usually do, or button up my jeans. It hurts to carry my morning coffee through to the computer, and writing silly notes to my better half on the message board on the kitchen wall is quite out of the question, I'm afraid. By the great Google, it hurts!

Anyway, updates might be a bit thin on the ground, going forward. For one thing there won't be an edition of The BoSS on the blog tomorrow, as per the usual schedule, and I don't have a great deal of here's-one-I-made-earlier posts either... though of course you can have whatever there is in the vault.

And I'll keep tap-tapping away at the reviews I've been working on of late while I'm out for the count - which shouldn't be for too long, in truth - however I imagine my progress will be painfully slow... that is if the time it's taken me to get this paltry status update together is anything to judge by. We'll see, I suppose.

Meantime, I've remembered how much I adored the album Shooter Jennings did with Stephen King, and that's going to be the soundtrack to whatever meagre feats I might achieve today. Perhaps even some reading.

So. I'll be absent for a little while. Just heed this one warning, please: while I'm away, whatever you do, don't feed the animals.

Chocolate watches to everyone who caught that reference, incidentally. To claim your prizes, send stamped, addressed envelopes marked "The Heirophant and I" to...

*faints conveniently*


  1. Hey man, how do you think I feel? I was one of those Wordpress devotees until I found out about the ads and made a hasty switch to Blogger. No self-satisfied smirk for me, just a well timed groan accompanied by a "I should have known this would happen."

    Now, because I hate Google's design and the post editor and I do not get along whatsoever, I have made the switch over to Posterous. Of course, there's no way in hell I am going to up and move the entire blog since I just did that, so I have it all autoposting over.

    Bad luck about the hand, I hope for rapid healing.

    As for me, I am perfectly healthy and that means after two hours of sleep, I am awake and about to go out for a day of helping the fiancee's sister move. Oh, and I get to meet her father for the first time, too... Joy.

  2. Ow. Big ow. Hope the flipper mends soon, Niall.

    By the way, my blog's on Wordpress, and when Blogger went down I didn't smirk once. Nup. Not even a little bit.

  3. Damn, Niall, sorry about the hand. Best of luck with that, I'd hate to not be able to type or read (what would I even do with myself?).

    As for the downtime, I have an admission to make, and I'll make it honestly, even if it means I lose every ounce of my blogger cred: I didn't even notice when blogger went down. I check my blog every day to see what the community's up to, but that one period fell through the cracks. Whoops.