Thursday 19 May 2011

The Scotsman Abroad | Robopocalyptic Tidings

Doesn't it seem like only yesterday I was telling you all how proud I was to have sold a review to Strange Horizons? To be a part of that great institution?

Well, in actual fact it was more than six months ago. Six months in which I've written six reviews for the site. And so as not to seem like I'm taking over - though in such sterling company I expect that'd be a very hard sell - I thought it might be time to ply my trade elsewhere.

But where?

One of the very first genre review resources I thought of was The Zone, which publishes the work of Jonathon McCalmont and David Hebblethwaite - an incredible pair of reviewers to whom I often look, for inspiration and for recommendations - among, of course, a myriad illustrious others. 

Needless to say, then, it gives me tremendous pleasure to be able to tell you today: I'm officially a contributor. For my first trick - my first of many, if I have my way - I've reviewed Robopocalypse, by Daniel H. Wilson; a book which came to me by way of a good friend of The Speculative Scotsman, blog and blogger alike.

Here's the article, in any event...

...the article in which I somehow manage to accuse my internet connection of criminal conspiracy, take Hollywood to task, and generally have a bit of harmless, sci-fi inspired fun.

Perfectly appropriate behaviour given the text in question - which isn't to speak ill of it at all! Actually, I really rather enjoyed Robopocalypse, which, for its part, looks to be a pretty big deal in the offing. None other than Steven Spielberg bought the film rights pre-publication, to direct himself for release sometime in 2013. And that's something.

So if you hadn't heard of Robopocalypse before now, or if your interest in Daniel H. Wilson's first proper novel is otherwise piqued, well, what better time than now?

And what better place than here?

Indeed. :)


  1. I'm reading this now. It is a decent book and, at the very least, a fast read. It is getting a good bit of negativity thrown its way based on the its similarity to World War Z though. Not that this is a problem for me, as I have refused to read that book because I hate zombies with a passion and think of them as a ridiculous fad that needs to go away and stay away.

  2. Congratulations on the new appointment, Niall - it's about bloody time.