Tuesday 3 May 2011

News Flashing | Romero Does Buffy

Wh... what the hell is this?

It's madness, is what it is. Absolute bloody madness!

I count George A. Romero, Buffy Summers - the Vampire Slayer, yes that one - Danny Trejo as Machete from, uh, Machete, and... wait, who's that guy? Could he be the fellow who got left handcuffed to the top of that building in The Walking Dead last year? 

Now I played Call of Duty: Black Ops - CODBLOPS as it's come to be known - back when it first came out, and I enjoyed the hell out of the single-player campaign, I did. Accomplished storytelling is a real rarity in gaming, and however much suspension of belief Treyarch demanded, in my mind they paid every last modicum of it off with a twisted turn of the tables in the endgame.

I also played some multiplayer, of course. For just long enough to remember why I tend not to play too much Call of Duty multiplayer.

And Katie and I spent a few fun nights putting paid to the presidential undead in Call of Duty Zombies, too, via the couch co-op few studios even bother to include in their games these days. Lots of fun it was too, but too hard for just us, and online... well. That's not an environment I'm particularly keen to give her the tupenny tour around. Random racism, a proliferation of other bigotries, et al.

But now they've gone and put Romero, Buffy, Machete and that other dude in a new Zombies map. Call of the Dead will be downloadable as part of the Escalation map pack coming soon to an Xbox 360 near you, for 1500 spacebucks. Too rich for my blood for just the one thing; I could care less about the other inclusion.

And yet... I'm sorely tempted.

How awesome is this, anyway?


Source: Kotaku


  1. Dude, Robert Englund - the original Freddy Kruger, no? Wow, wtf is this?? hah

  2. ...oh.

    Well hell, it is too!

    So perhaps I should have watched the whole trailer before I posted about this thing, but hey, what can I say? I saw Buffy... I got a little excited. Isn't that what blogging's all about? :P