Friday 6 May 2011

Cover Identity | The Flames, They Are A-Flooding

In a shockingly fast reaction to yesterday's GRRMblings - among a long and storied history of other such posts, of course - it seems George R. R. Martin and his Stateside publisher Bantam have agreed to unceremoniously kill A Song of Ice and Fire dead.

Many shall mourn - because damn it all, George, you promised us at least two more books! How very dare you?

Some shall celebrate - for at last, an end!

But invariably, others shall discuss poop, and sexing.

So all is as it should be. :I

Thanks to the Yeti What Stomps for the huge scoop, and congrats too to his significant other Jennifer for winning the design contract on the preliminary cover art represented above. Quite the big break there!

Do stay tuned for the UK cover of A Flood of Flames...

...any minute now.



  1. I love the Catherine Tate reference :)

  2. I don't know what you mean... ;)

  3. Josiah Cadicamo6 May 2011 at 20:48


    This was low. I'm looking forward to reading the future books from George R R Martin. His blog is down for some reason so i couldn't confirm that this was a joke, not cool.

    And whats with all the crap in the last blog's comments? It doesn't matter. He's contracted to write those last books, so he needs to write them. I'm not saying that assholes who jump on him for being late have any right to do so i'm just say that we have a right to expect it and be angry if it doesn't come . . .

    The only people who have the right to jump on him for not producing the books are his publishers.

    I think maybe i'm missing the point of the argument. But if i'm not, then a lot of people wasted a lot of time discussing something pointless that they can't do a thing about. Though Hal Duncan posted an interesting comment that's for sure. lol