Monday 6 June 2011

But I Digress | Arise Electronic Three!

There are high points and low points on every gamer's calendar. Next month, for instance, the Summer slump - wherein NO VIDEO GAMES HAPPEN! - begins in earnest. Thankfully, before that, we've the other extreme to enjoy. That would be perhaps the single biggest event in gaming each and every year: the Electronic Entertainment Expo, or E3.

'Tis tres exciting. :)

And as of this moment, Electronic Three is mere hours away. I've got a review or two to polish off this afternoon... then the press conferences begin. Microsoft will be up first, then Sony, then Nintendo, with a couple of third parties occupying the spotlight between the big hitters. If you're of a mind to watch any or all of the above - and if you have the slightest affection for video games, you really, really should - there are links to the various sites which will stream you the big three here. I'll be tuning in for sure.

Anyway, we've only four hours to go till it's on (!), so consider this question strictly time-limited: 

What are you hoping to hear about from this year's E3?

To get us started, here are a couple of the things which, if and when they happen, will likely elicit a little wee from me --- I mean, uh... a little wheee.

  • Batman: Arkham City. After the shocking awesomesauce of Rocksteady's first turnabout with the caped crusader, Arkham City has a lot to live up to. I fully expect it will.
  • I so want Half Life 3, but that's an almighty long shot: Valve have already come out and said nuh-uh, not going to happen, and with Portal 2 only barely behind us, I suppose I can understand why they wouldn't want to steal away the limelight so soon. And yet... these guys aren't above a bit of bullshit to make a surprise all the more surprising, and a guy can still dream in this town, can't he?
  • Bioshock Infinite needs to be mine. Alas, it won't be, not until well into 2012; some serious teasing is the best we can expect. But that'll do me dandy, thank you very much.
  • And what's next from Rockstar? A new Grand Theft Auto? It could totally happen. I'll certainly play it when it does.
  • Less likely, but still somewhat plausible: a sequel to Red Dead Redemption. Which if you're asking - let's say you are - I think should be called Red Dead Revenge.
  • Meanwhile, I'd kinda like to see some sort of Call of Duty: In Space. There've been rumours of such a project forever, and I'd be interested - at the very least - to see the medium's biggest hitter head off in a more speculative direction.
  • I really want to hear about Journey, the next game from Jenova Chen, which is to say the mastermind behind flOw and Flower. Alas, I fear all the pre-E3 coverage has probably squared this one away for the next while. But maybe a date?
  • Oh, and while we're on the downloadable kick, I'm looking forward to hearing more about Ms. Splosion Man, Fez, and the next game from the makers of Limbo. Come on, they've had a whole year!
  • Almost despite myself, I'm keen to hear about the Nintendo's new home console. And Microsoft and Sony could start hinting about their next hardware platforms. I mean, I don't want them yet; I can't afford them yet; but damn, I'll watch target renders all evening, given the chance.
  • And last - last but not least - a nice surprise is always nice. I would like for Electronic Three to surprise me, this year.

Now then. Excuse me while I explode... :)

Over to you!


  1. I'd very much like to see/hear something (anything!) on the rumoured Borderworlds, sequel to Borderlands. Whether or not it'll happen is another thing entirely...

    Other than that there is nothing I'm overly eager to see, but if SE finally decide to give in and re-make FFVII I won't complain!

  2. I'm looking forward to Bethesda's Elder Scrolls V - Skryim. There's already some video up on youtube, but I suspect they are going to use E3 to highlight the improvements they've made over Oblivion.

  3. Oh, good calls both. There's just so much to look forward to!

    Have I said squee already? :)

  4. @Mark - I'm totally with you on Borderworlds, but as to an HD remake of FFVII... ehh. I can see why Squeenix have resisted temptation, in all honesty. It's a no-win proposition. They'd rake it in, but lose all goodwill in the process, because - I think - a faithful remake would foreground all FFVII's flaws, and ruin a whole hell of a lot of nostalgia in the process, whereas anything else other than a staunchly faithful remake would cause an outcry.

    Besides, we've got FFXIII-2 to look forward to.

    Right? :P

    *shakes head*

  5. I see exactly what you mean about the FFVII remake. The fan boy in my goes squee every time I see that intro movie they did and I always wonder just what it would be like...

    As for FFXIII-2 - I still need to play the first game! Picked it up and I really must get on with it - when I can find a few spare months to get through it properly :/

  6. I'm right there with you on FFXIII, mate. I got about 15 hours in on the PS3 and stopped playing for a while, because honest to God, I needed a break. But during the break, my PS3 died - a sad day, on which I lost all my saves, including the FFXIII game I had in progress.

    And I just haven't been able to scrounge up the enthusiasm to start down that long and lonely road all over again...

    But maybe a FFXIII-2 trailer will motivate me, who knows! :)

  7. Looks like Halo 4 just leaked:

    And no-one was in the least surprised...

  8. The Fantasizer6 June 2011 at 18:49

    Don't know bout E-3 but am looking forward to Bethseda's Elder Scrolls 5. Check out the trailer, it should be amazing, hopefully!